A hook on a construction crane
A right hook (kickboxing)



hook (plural hooks)

  1. A rod bent into a curved shape, typically with one end free and the other end secured to a rope or other attachment.
  2. A fishhook, a barbed metal hook used for fishing.
  3. A loop shaped like a hook (1) under certain written letters, e.g. g and j.
  4. A catchy musical phrase which forms the basis of a popular song.
    The song"s hook snared me.
  5. A short punchy opening sentence intended to draw the reader or viewer into a book or play.
    • "Last night I dreamed I went to Manderlay again." 1939 Rebecca Daphne Du Maurier.
  6. (cricket) A type of shot played by swinging the bat in a horizontal arc, hitting the ball high in the air to the leg side, often played to balls which bounce around head height.
  7. (baseball) A curveball.
    He threw a hook in the dirt.
  8. (software) Features, definitions, or codings that enable future enhancements to happen compatibly or more easily.
    We"ve added "user-defined" codepoints in several places and careful definitions of what to do with unknown message types as hooks in the standard to enable implementations to be both backward and forward compatible to future versions of the standard.
  9. (golf) A golf shot that (for the right-handed player) curves unintentionally to the left. See draw,slice,fade
  10. (boxing) A type of punch delivered with the arm not fully extended.
    The heavyweight delivered a few powerful hooks that staggered his opponent.

4 letters in word "hook": H K O O.

No anagrams for hook found in this word list.

Words found within hook:

ho hoo ko oh oho oo ooh

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